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Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. The work force has been cut by three-quarters. Operations in 14 countries have been abandoned. Many state and local lobbying campaigns have been shut down. From a report: Juul Labs, the once high-flying e-cigarette company that became a public health villain to many people over its role in the teenage vaping surge, has been operating as a shadow of its former self, spending the pandemic largely out of the public eye in what it calls “reset” mode.

Now its very survival is at stake as it mounts an all-out campaign to persuade the Food and Drug Administration to allow it to continue to sell its products in the United States. The agency is trying to meet a Sept. Anyone deciding to download the free and open-source audio editor Audacity is being warned that the software may now be classified as spyware due to recent updates to its privacy policy.

From a report: Audacity has been around for over 21 years and classes as the world’s most popular audio editing software. On April 30, the Muse Group acquired Audacity with the promise that the software would “remain forever free and open source. The data collected includes OS version and name, user country based on IP address, the CPU being used, data related to Audacity error codes and crash reports, and finally “Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities’ requests if any.

In fairness, Zuckerberg did have reason to celebrate, as the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust case against Facebook was shot down at least temporarily last Monday, and a similar suit by [a coalition of 48] state attorneys general was dismissed outright.

The New York Times reports: As global warming fuels deadly heat waves across the country, more Americans in places like the Pacific Northwest are rushing out to buy air-conditioners for the first time. One common concern is that a surge in air-conditioning could make the planet even hotter, by increasing the need for electricity from power plants running on coal or gas, which produce emissions that drive global warming.

But some energy experts, as well as cities like Denver and Berkeley, California, have recently started exploring a counterintuitive strategy: Soaring demand for air-conditioning might actually be a prime opportunity to reduce fossil fuel emissions and fight climate change. The idea is simple: If Americans are going to buy air-conditioners anyway, either for the first time or to replace older units, why not convince them to buy electric heat pumps instead? Although the name can be confusing, an electric heat pump is essentially an air-conditioner that is slightly modified so that it can run in two directions, cooling the home in the summer and providing heat in the winter.

That extra heating function is the key to helping tackle climate change. During the cooler months, heat pumps could warm homes far more efficiently than the furnaces that run on fossil fuels or electric resistance heaters that most households currently use, which would cut down on carbon dioxide emissions. Existing furnaces would only need to be used as backup on the coldest days of the year, since many heat pumps work less efficiently in subzero temperatures.

So, the idea goes, policymakers would have to step in with subsidies or regulations to make adoption universal. But if done right, proponents say, households would see utility bills either drop or stay largely unchanged, and they would even enjoy a more comfortable heating experience. The Times spoke to Nate Adams, a home performance consultant who proposed the idea in a recent paper written with experts at Harvard University CLASP, a nonprofit formerly known as the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program advising governments on energy efficiency.

On average, those homes could cut their fossil fuel use during the colder months by at least one-third. And, as states move to clean up their electricity grids by adding more wind and solar power, the climate benefits from those electric heat pumps would increase While the United States has made major strides in reducing pollution from power plants, building emissions have barely budged since The Free Software Foundation shared an update on its “series of actions to strengthen and modernize the foundation’s governance structure and processes.

During an initial six-month engagement, the firm will work with board members and FSF stakeholders to devise a range of systems and infrastructure that lead to: – A transparent community-supported process for identifying new board members and evaluating current board members; – A board member agreement that clearly outlines the responsibilities of all board members; – A code of ethics that articulates the values of the FSF and conveys a set of principles to guide its decision making and activities, as well as the behavior of its board members, officers, employees, and volunteers; and, – More focused and streamlined board processes that encourage consistent attention on FSF’s most pressing needs.

In addition, FSF executive director John Sullivan has begun recruiting candidates to succeed him as the organization’s chief employed officer The board is also evaluating the first proposed changes to its bylaws since The goals of these revisions are to ensure that user freedom cannot be compromised by changes in the board, members, or hostile courts, with particular focus on the future of the various GNU General Public Licenses GPL ; to codify the implementation of the staff seat created on March 25, ; and, to align the bylaws with the outcomes of the ongoing effort to modernize the foundation’s governance structure and processes.

As FSF continues to pursue its mission, the board believes these collective efforts will strengthen the organization’s governance, ensuring that it is transparent, accountable, and professional for current and future board members, associate members, staff, and the broader free software movement.

These efforts also underscore the board’s recognition of the need to attract a new generation of activists for software freedom and to grow the movement. Long-time Slashdot reader schwit1 shares news from UPI: The creators of a new instant water disinfectant, made using only hydrogen and the surrounding air, claim their invention is “millions of times more effective” at ridding water of viruses and bacteria than commercial purification methods.

In addition to revolutionizing municipal water cleaning, the inventors of the novel technique suggest their disinfectant can help safely and cheaply deliver potable water to communities in need. Around the world, an estimated million people are without reliable access to clean water, and millions more experience water scarcity at least once a month. The technique — described Thursday in the journal Nature Catalyst — uses a catalyst of gold and palladium to instantly turn hydrogen and oxygen into hydrogen peroxide, a common disinfectant The new disinfectant, which can be made and used on site, eliminates the safety issues associated with commercial hydrogen peroxide and chlorine purification methods.

In lab tests, researchers found their catalyst yielded not only hydrogen peroxide, but a variety of highly reactive compounds called reactive oxygen species, or ROS. It turned out that these novel compounds were responsible for the majority of the new disinfectant’s impressive antibacterial and antiviral abilities When compared to commercially produced hydrogen peroxide, scientists found their instant disinfectant was 10 million times more potent against viruses and bacteria.

For three weeks the “payload computer” has been down on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, and “Without it, the instruments on board meant to snap pictures and collect data are not currently working,” NPR recently reported.

But as this weekend approached, NASA made an announcement NASA confirmed that there is a procedure for turning on the telescope’s backup hardware, and that in the coming week it will first test those crucial procedures. In the past week NASA has “completed preparations” for those tests. After more than 30 years in space, “the telescope itself and science instruments remain healthy and in a safe configuration,” NASA confirmed this week. But while they’ve now suspended new scientific observations, images already collected by the telescope are still being analyzed , reports Space.

Astronomers used archived observations from Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 in to create this image to support two different studies aimed at understanding how star clusters evolve and how large stars can grow before they explode as supernovas. But it’s just part of “an unprecedented heat wave that has over a week killed hundreds of people and triggered more than wildfires ” across the Canadian province — “most of which are still burning.

This past week, however, its nights have been hotter than its days usually are, in a region where air conditioning is rare and homes are designed to retain heat. Now fires have turned much of Lytton to ash and forced its people, as well as hundreds around them, to flee. Scientists have warned for decades that climate change will make heat waves more frequent and more intense.

That is a reality now playing out in Canada, but also in many other parts of the northern hemisphere that are increasingly becoming uninhabitable. Roads melted this week in America’s northwest , and residents in New York City were told not to use high-energy appliances, like washers and dryers — and painfully, even their air conditioners — for the sake of the power grid.

In Russia, Moscow reported its highest-ever June temperature of Even in the Arctic Circle, temperatures soared into the 30s [above 86 degrees Fahrenheit]. The World Meteorological Organization is seeking to verify the highest-ever temperature north of the Arctic Circle since records there began, after a weather station in Siberia’s Verkhoyansk recorded a degree day on June 20 [over degrees Fahrenheit]. In India, tens of millions of people in the northwest were affected by heat waves And in Iraq, authorities announced a public holiday across several provinces for Thursday, including the capital Baghdad, because it was simply too hot to work or study, after temperatures surpassed 50 degrees and its electricity system collapsed.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a startup named Wildtype that hopes to open a unique sushi bar this fall serving salmon grown in a lab : Like other alternative meat companies, Wildtype hopes it can eventually produce enough fish to be sold at grocery stores and to be served in dishes at Bay Area restaurants Companies like Wildtype fall into the category of what’s known as cell-based agriculture , where instead of plant-based alternatives, animal cells are used to create cuts of meat in a lab.

In the case of Wildtype, the company is still working with the same salmon cells it acquired a few years ago to create fish in its lab. These salmon cells are then fed nutrients in the tank before they are harvested and affixed to plant-based structures that enable the cells to grow into a particular cut of the fish.

From the cell stage to harvesting, it can take between three weeks to three months, said Elfenbein. Conventional fish farming can often take upwards of a year before the fish can be harvested The company is still working to get approval from the U.

Food and Drug Administration to open its sushi bar to the public, though Kolbeck is hopeful that might happen by the end of this year. Unlike plant-based meat substitutes like Impossible Foods and Beyond Beef, which have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, cell-based, lab-grown meat products have yet to be approved for mass consumption by the FDA and the U.

Department of Agriculture. Bay Area companies like Eat Just , Wildtype and Berkeley’s Upside Foods are among a growing number of companies nationwide looking to make lab-grown meat go mainstream in an effort to counter the environmental impacts of traditional meat production.

In December last year, the Singapore government approved the sale of Eat Just’s lab-grown chicken, making it the first country in the world to approve such meat consumption on a commercial scale Wildtype hasn’t been able to mass-produce quite yet. The Dogpatch production facility is hoping to produce 50, pounds per year in the near future, with plans to expand to , pounds per year in a larger space down the road, Kolbeck said.

California’s energy commission has funded dozens of projects “serving as test beds for policies that might lead to commercialization of microgrids ,” reports the Associated Press: When a wildfire tore through Briceburg nearly two years ago, the tiny community on the edge of Yosemite National Park lost the only power line connecting it to the electrical grid.

Rather than rebuilding poles and wires over increasingly dry hillsides, which could raise the risk of equipment igniting catastrophic fires, the nation’s largest utility decided to give Briceburg a self-reliant power system. The stand-alone grid made of solar panels, batteries and a backup generator began operating this month. The ramping up of this technology is among a number of strategies to improve energy resilience in California as a cycle of extreme heat, drought and wildfires hammers the U.

West, triggering massive blackouts and threatening the power supply in the country’s most populous state We’re all scrambling to deal with that,” said Peter Lehman, the founding director of the Schatz Energy Research Center, a clean energy institute in Arcata.

The response follows widespread blackouts in California in the past two years that exposed the power grid’s vulnerability to weather. Fierce windstorms led utilities to deliberately shut off power to large swaths of the state to keep high-voltage transmission lines from sparking fire. Then last summer, an oppressive heat wave triggered the first rolling outages in 20 years.

More than , homes and businesses lost power over two days in August. During both crises, a Native American reservation on California’s far northern coast kept the electricity flowing with the help of two microgrids that can disconnect from the larger electrical grid and switch to using solar energy generated and stored in battery banks near its hotel-casino. As most of rural Humboldt County sat in the dark during a planned shutoff in October , the Blue Lake Rancheria became a lifeline for thousands of its neighbors: The gas station and convenience store provided fuel and supplies, the hotel housed patients who needed a place to plug in medical devices, the local newspaper used the conference room to put out the next day’s edition, and a hatchery continued pumping water to keep its fish alive During a few hours of rolling blackouts last August, the reservation’s microgrids went into “island mode” to help ease stress on the state’s maxed-out grid State facilities are planning to quadruple the amount of battery storage from megawatts to 2, megawatts by this August.

But unfortunately, “There are setbacks too: An intensifying drought is weakening the state’s hydroelectric facilities On June 15, the channel was blocked for violating YouTube’s guidelines , according to a screenshot seen by Reuters, after twelve of its videos had been reported for breaching its ‘cyberbullying and harassment’ policy. The channel’s administrators had appealed the blocking of all twelve videos between April and June, with some reinstated — but YouTube did not provide an explanation as to why others were kept out of public view, the administrators told Reuters.

Following inquiries from Reuters as to why the channel was removed, YouTube restored it on June 18, explaining that it had received multiple so-called ‘strikes’ for videos which contained people holding up ID cards to prove they were related to the missing, violating a YouTube policy which prohibits personally identifiable information from appearing in its content YouTube asked Atajurt to blur the IDs. But Atajurt is hesitant to comply, the channel’s administrator said, concerned that doing so would jeopardize the trustworthiness of the videos.

Fearing further blocking by YouTube, they decided to back up content to Odysee, a website built on a blockchain protocol called LBRY, designed to give creators more control.


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